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I want to have a Linux server for web hosting (L) and a windows server for web hosting too (W) and a dns server (D) for dns records of website in (L) and (W). I'm using kloxo in linux and websitepannel in windows.

Is it possible to add the dns server to these web hosting servers so that when I add a domain to one of theme dns record of the domain be inserted in dns server automatically?

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It is possible, but that would require some programming skills since you want to transfer zones between different panels (kloxo and websitepanel) automatically.

Using administration panels that do not allow system administration from a console on most parts of the system won't make this task easier.

To make it easy I think you have four options:

  1. Install kloxo on L and W (I've not checked if it is available for Linux and Windows)
  2. Install websitepanel on L and W (I've not checked if websitepanel transfer zones between master and slave dns automatically and I've not checked if it is available for Linux and Windows)
  3. Use a website panel that allows parallel administration on the console and the webinterface and offers automatic zone transfer in full (that would be Virtualmin GPL, Virtualmin Pro or Webmin)
  4. Set up a third server (can be a vps with a good network connection) as dns slave in addition to L and W and install the panel you are using on the master here, too.
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