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I have a micro Amazon instance the I want to use for testing and everything is going fine until the title. If I set up all the info in PuTTy, open it up and run 'xclock', all runs perfectly and it opens on Xming on my local desktop. If, however, I run

ssh xclock

I get

Error: Can't open display:

If I run either of

ssh -X DISPLAY=localhost:0:0 xclock
ssh -Y DISPLAY=localhost:0:0 xclock

I get the same again, but just after about a 30 second delay.

In .ssh/config in Windows, I do have

ForwardX11 yes

set, and I really can't think of anything more to get this working. The fact that PuTTy is working perfectly, not no matter what I do on the command line, I get absolutely no joy is driving me crazy.

Can I even see the commands PuTTy is running somewhere, to see if it's doing some extra magic?

The ssh I'm running in Windows is MinGW32's.

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Have you tried

ssh -X username@hostname xclock

Normally, the DISPLAY on the remote machine is not 0:0, but will be set by ssh automatically.

Also, Putty has a command line mode too, all you have to do is to add it's directory to your path and you can do

plink -X username@hostname xclock
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Also, use the -C flag to compress data on the connection. That might pick up the speed of the startup, and that might be part of PuTTy's "extra magic" (if any). – pjmorse Sep 18 '12 at 23:48

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