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I am trying to setup a Eucalyptus cloud. While using the euca-describe-images, I do not get any output. Does this mean it is not connected to the Eucalyptus cloud or am I doing something wrong ? The eucarc does display the exports.

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Can you run the following command: euca-describe-images --debug This will give us more insight as to what issues there may be. – user138266 Sep 24 '12 at 20:57

You have 3 things to try.

  1. Update the clock: ntpdate -u
  2. Restart the nodes: /etc/init.d/eucalyptus-nc restart
  3. Register again the cluster:
    # euca_conf --deregister-cluster cluster01 cc-
    # euca_conf --deregister-sc cluster01 sc-
    # euca_conf --deregister-nodes “”
    # euca_conf --register-cluster --partition cluster01 --host \
    --component cc-

    # euca_conf --register-sc --partition cluster01 --host \
    --component sc-

    # euca_conf --register-nodes ""
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