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I spoke with my host supporter to find what is my sql hostname.

He said that the only way is add permissions in mysql remote (cpanel) to my actual ip.

So the config in heidiSQL for example will be


But i have a dynamic ip, so i need to change the permissions every time, correct? Add the flag % probably is not a good idea, so how can I solve this problem?

Why I dont have something like ?

Sorry, if this question is too basic.

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While I have voted to close this question, I'll give you a short pointer. I strongly advice against connecting to your MySQL from the outside. The simple reason being, that MySQL traffic is unencrypted - and such is the authentication of the connection. – Frands Hansen Sep 16 '12 at 22:12
@FrandsHansen the heidiSQL can work with ssl. – Fel Sep 16 '12 at 22:16

Have MySQL listen on localhost. Connect your SQL clients running on this system to localhost.

If you need to get in to MySQL from elsewhere either SSH into the box and use the command line client there, or SSH in and forward the MySQL port to your local machine using SSH port forwarding. No mucking about with dynamic IPs, and no exposing the MySQL port to the world for all and sundry to hack.

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