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I installed NIS server on head node of a virtual cluster(VirtualBox). One of the node (let's say node-1) can find NIS server and work with it, but another node (node-2) just can't find the NIS server in Yast while it can ping and ssh to both head node and node-1. BTW, all the nodes are VMs, head node and node-1 are on the same physical machine, node-2 is on another physical machine.

I set the domain name in /etc/hosts and /etc/yp.conf, and ypwhich sometimes gives the correct domainname several minutes later complains about "ypwhich: Can't communicate with ypbind", and will back to work after some time. Also tried rpcinfo -p hostname and it worked as expected.

I almost tried every thing I can find on internet, but seems that not many people had this problem.

Any help would be very appreciated.

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domainname [domainname]
ypdomainname [domainname]
service ypbind restart

What does that give you?

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domainname gives correct domain name, so does ypdomainname, after restart ypbind, Yast still can't find NIS server. – Tony Sep 17 '12 at 14:22

Are you sure the hosts listed in /etc/yp.conf are NIS masters or slaves? You might want to amend the problem and attach a copy of the /etc/yp.conf file. Have you checked for a syntax error in this file?

Next, do any of the NIS master or slave server have IP protection via the securenets if I recall the filename? If so, an administrator will have to change this.

Those are my suggestions of areas.

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Thanks for the answering. The content in /etc/yp.conf looks like ypserver domain nis.sirius broadcast domain broadcast which I copied from the node-1 which is working. I only have master, no slave NIS server. ypwhich also gives correct domainname. I have sudo permission, how should I check if it's the IP protection problem? The Google result for it is not clear. – Tony Sep 17 '12 at 17:28
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I finally solved the problem by disabling firewall on NIS client side.

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