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Is there any way to automate the install of modules within Jenkins? I'm trying to script/automate the install of my CI box as much as possible. I have just about everything working but at the moment it requires someone go into Jenkins and install the modules via the web interface.

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You can download the plugins from . Dropping them into jenkins/plugins/ will do the trick.

Don't forget to restart Jenkins.

Also, if you're using Chef instead of Puppet, the Jenkins cookbook will take care of installing plugins as well.

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The puppet-jenkins module automates the entire process of the Jenkins installation through Puppet. It also has manifests for installing plugins, either by specifying a version you want or by installing the latest version.

If you do not already use Puppet and do not want to implement this module in your system, you can take a look at the plugin manifest and see how the process of plugins was automated.

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