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I have the following:

  • QNAP EC12xxx series with 36TB.

The QNAP comes with default folders such as Public, Downloads, Web, Usb etc etc. These cannot be deleted!

In windows I can write to all these shares" with NO problem, either copy and past or drag n drop.

Work Perfectly

The Issue

We are testing a video rendering software. Where it has watch folder, Video In > Process > Video Out.

Now, here is the strange thing I do not understand. If I use the Public Share, everything works.

If I have the VIDEO OUT folder under the share of WEB. I get an error. Saying the program has an I/O error, unable to copy to location out. However If I copy the file myself, i.e. copy n past or drag n drop. it works.!!!!!!! But if the software tries to output the files DIRECTLY to the WEB share it does not work.

My thoughts

  • I have confirmed it is nothing to do with permissions, well to the best of my knowledge but I could be wrong.
  • The system works under the share of Public there for it cannot be the software
  • The system also works if I create a new share e.g. TEST SHARE.
  • So for me, it has something to do with the QNAP system which is based on Linux, however I am not sure what. The fact I can copy n past works perfectly and that the video system cannot export directly to the WEB SHARE is confusing me a little
  • I have also tried a TEMP scratch folder. The video is rendered to the LOCAL drive or a network drive and then moved once the job is complete. However this does not work as well.


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Is it because there's a space in the name of the folder? – user3914 Sep 18 '12 at 16:58
@RandolphWest Have tried before, still no go... – Arthor Sep 19 '12 at 13:15
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In-depth permission needed to be set, need to contact QNAP support.

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