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I am working on an experimental networking project. This project will involve a number of twisted-pair to fiber optic media converters.

Due to the number of converters we will be using, we are looking at a common chassis that are meant to hold a number of these converters.

We are looking at a couple of models for the chassis: The D-Link DMC-1000 and the TrendNet TFC-1600. Of course, each chassis has a complete line of network media converters that are meant to be installed in it.

However, it didn't take long to notice how similar the chassis and converters from both D-Link and TrendNet appear. Aside from logos and the like, they seem almost identical.

Does anyone out there know if a D-Link network converter will work in a TrendNet chassis, or vice-versa? Are they part of some standard?


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Although that physical chassis is identical, in fact I've see that part used on other things too, there's no way to know if it'll be electrically/electronically compatible. Certainly neither supplier will commit to interoperability, it's not in their commercial interest.

I think it prudent to assume they're not compatible, anything else could prove costly.

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I agree, the prudent answer is that they are NOT compatible, but the similarities go beyond just the first-glance appearance of the chassis themselves. They boast the same features (redundant power, optional management unit), and close examination seems to show that even the status LEDs are in the same locations ( although the images aren't always clear ). –  Maculin Sep 18 '12 at 14:54
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