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I am using Listserv 15.5 and I would like to use a mailing list address as editor mail address, however Listserv explicitely warns one from using a mailing list address:

Important Note: The first editor MUST be an email address that goes to a person, not a file server, list server, mailer, or other automated email address. Specifying a program's mailbox as the primary editor could result in a mailing loop for which L-Soft international, Inc., could not be held responsible.

What does it mean, that there could be a loop? In which cases? If I enter a mailing list address that doesn't send automatic replies, it shouldn't be a problem, right?

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This message is basically just a legal thing to avoid being sued by stupid users, but of course you have to avoid to be stupid...

A constructed example:

list-a has list-b as an editor, but for some reason, list-a is also member of list-b. If you configure list-a to sent a mail to an editor for confirmation before delivery, list-b will receive and deliver this message again to list-a, which asks lisk-b for confirmation etc.

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Thank you, I assumed something like that, but wasn't sure because the warning is so general. – Sep 18 '12 at 19:21

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