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I have a website,

My client has their site,

We would like to setup where shows the pages that are hosted at

Ideally it would be an A-Record type of setup, so we are not feeding data from my server to the client's server.

Any suggestions about how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.

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DNS resolves (host)names to IP addresses. It doesn't know the first thing about directories on a web server. What you actually want is a reverse proxy. See this answer.

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As Christopher Perrin has said, DNS is NOT responsible for URLs. It is only responsible for associating a domain-name to an IP address.

There are alternative ways to work within these confines:

The use of sub-domains. i.e. may be your "site"... and have as an alias in your web-server to "".

Depending on your web-server and it's configuration, you can set up "global" paths that are mapped on every site that points to a common directory... (i.e. is the same as but is not the same as

You can even use redirects to get you to the proper URL if all else fails.

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No, that is not possible. DNS is responsible for resolving an IP to a Name and reversed (and for a few other things). The structure with the URLs is the responsibility of your webserver. I foyu have access to the webserver config you can have look into rewriting or reverse proxying,

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