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i have an Debian Server with IPVS and ldirectord and two nodes.

When i kick one node my IPVS (checked with ipvsadm) set the weight for this note to 0.

But when i'm using traceroute the virtual ip goes still to the kicked node.


        real=4.9.XX.XX:80 gate
        real=175.9.XXX.XX:80 gate
        fallback= gate


I think it seems to be that the LVS does not have the real controll to over the routing. When i just configure one real server, it still goes to the other.

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In what mode are you using LVS? Direct routing? Where do you traceroute? On the director-server? Sure that the real server does not get contacted directly? – Nils Oct 13 '12 at 19:58

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