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I have an openIdiana server with ZFS and it has been shared with NFS on a ubuntu server (called server1) one year ago. Now i am asked to shared it on a second ubuntu server (called server2). So i have took the line in /etc/fstab from server 1 and add it in server2: /mnt/zfs nfs acl,intr,noatime 0 0

But when i mount it, the rights on server2 are "nobody nogroup" (connect as anonymous?!) whereas its ok on server1. And on my OpenIndiana, I haven't found where it is configured (its not me who configured it last year). So I have tried to set zfs set sharenfs=rw numpool/data but without success. So i am looking for a file like /etc/exports on Ubuntu to configure which server is allowed to connect, and not as anonymous. Any idea?


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Just add nfsvers=3 in fstab on the client! – user1574623 Sep 21 '12 at 8:56

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