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We are planning to migrate our current Mdaemon mail server (50 accounts) with Imap to Google Apps Business.

Each client have Outlook 2007 with the Mdaemon connector 2.2

There are a lot of informations available on Google site and i read most of all but actually i have some doubts about how to upload/migrate the users emails into Google server.

There are 2 ways to migrate: By Server or By Client

By Server

Google offer a nice tool for the migration by the Imap server but Mdaemon isnt supported.

By Client

My choice is try to use the Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook but seem support only .PST file and Outlook profiles (Exchange server)

In my mind i thought was something like this below to migrate the users emails:

Mdaemon server <- imap connector -> outlook 2007 -> App Migration -> Google server

I am wrong about this scenario above ? or i miss something ?

So are there someone that tried already this kind of migration? Or someone can give me an idea, a tip, or a guide to complete this step ?

thanks in advance for the suggestions.

p.s. please let me know if i need provide more information

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Read the docs please. Google provides complete documentation for these steps if your mail server supports IMAP. And MDaemon supports IMAP.

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thank for your answer, i read it already but wasnt sure 100% about IMAP compatibility RFC3501 by Mdaemon so i'd ask for check if someone did already. Btw now thanks to your answer i feel better and i can use the Google Apps Migration for Microsoft® Exchange for migrate the users email – Luka Milani Sep 20 '12 at 11:44
@LukaMilani did you have success in this migration? – lrkwz Apr 12 at 13:14

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