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for some reason these files are not gzipping on my apache server, chrome network tab shows this. Is there a specific directive I can add to htaccess to cache these files?

Compressing the following resources with gzip could reduce their transfer size by about two thirds (~680.45KB):
adae8bc4c3cb52cbe22358aaced87a72.css could save ~607B
css_f91fa8d73b5e7661d6dcf9e58395e533.css could save ~59.54KB
jquery.min.js could save ~37.27KB
drupal.js could save ~6.15KB
auto_image_handling.js could save ~6.72KB
lightbox.js could save ~29.38KB
superfish.js could save ~2.42KB
jquery.bgiframe.min.js could save ~1011B
jquery.hoverIntent.minified.js could save ~1.05KB
nice_menus.js could save ~581B
panels.js could save ~531B
jquery.pngFix.js could save ~2.98KB
jquery.cycle.all.min.js could save ~20.20KB
views_slideshow.js could save ~8.76KB
views_slideshow.js could save ~9.02KB
wanderlust_custom_videos.js could save ~598B
wl_helper.js could save ~777B
extlink.js could save ~2.88KB
cufon-yui.js could save ~11.89KB
googleanalytics.js could save ~1.48KB
swfobject.js could save ~6.65KB
jquery.jcarousel.min.js could save ~10.19KB
jcarousel.js could save ~6.01KB
Akzidenz_Grotesk_BE_Super_800.font.js could save ~14.27KB
Akzidenz_Grotesk_BE_Bold_700.font.js could save ~12.96KB
Akzidenz_Grotesk_BE_Cn_400.font.js could save ~13.39KB
SuperCondensed_500.font.js could save ~24.40KB
FuturaBold_700.font.js could save ~26.19KB
Futura_500.font.js could save ~57.70KB
SuperGroteskB_500.font.js could save ~23.86KB
jquery.cookie.js could save ~1.25KB
wanderlust.js could save ~1.69KB
sliderbottom.js could save ~442B
jcarousellite_1.0.1.min.js could save ~4.60KB
jcarousellite_control.js could save ~224B
sitesdropdown.js could save ~1.09KB
widgets.js could save ~50.13KB
cufon-drupal.js could save ~599B
swfobject_api.js could save ~348B
ga.js could save ~24.02KB
all.js could save ~124.67KB
tweet_button.1347008535.html could save ~38.43KB
xd_arbiter.php could save ~16.80KB
xd_arbiter.php could save ~16.80KB
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You probably want to look at mod_deflate:

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Since you are concerned about gzip I assume your main concern is performance. Ideally, .htaccess directives should be enabled in an httpd.conf but if you are like me and working with shared hosting then you are relegated to .htaccess.

I asked a potentially related question here.

If mod_deflate is available to be enabled, the code in that question (and for that matter the repo I link to in a comment) will enable it on for JS and CSS.

That said, that is a ridiculous number of separate JS files and if it is at all possible you should combine them into as few files as possible.

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