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I have a question very similar to this one, but I want to continuously run perfmon, during reboots and throughout the day. Further, I'd like to generate a perfmon report every 10 mins or so. The original question tells me how to run perfmon when the server is restarted, but I don't know how to make perfmon continuously run while throwing periodic files.

I've tried setting it as a scheduled task that needs to be done every 10 mins, but this is too sloppy, and when the scheduled task kicks another instance, the current perfmon report writer crashes, and I get a garbage report. I've also tried writing a sloppy batch script that would fire off the task at scheduled intervals, but this is the same problem as the scheduled task. I'm sure I'm just missing something silly, but I don't see it.

Ideas? (If it helps, I'm running Windows 7 locally, and I'm trying to set up the processes for boxes running Windows 2008.)

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You may have already found a solution to you problem. In case you're still looking for the answer, check this URL Taming Perfmon: Data Collector Sets.

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Link-only answers are discouraged. You're encouraged to either provide a brief description of what's on the other side of the link, or quote the relevant text with the link as citation. – MDMarra Dec 4 '12 at 16:09
Thanks for the link Arun, I'll check out the link when I get some free time and update you on my findings. – Sal Dec 4 '12 at 20:17

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