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We have a server with 12 TB hard disk. I am planning to install KVM. The question is how much maximum disk space one vm can use? I need 5 TB vm disk. is it possible?

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I found on openSUSE page some general and Hardware limitations for KVM. It should be the same also on CentOS, but I am not sure. But it might you give a more insight information about limitations… – panaroik Sep 20 '12 at 10:04
So have you tried it? If it doesn't work, how about posting the error? I'm rather curious to see how well it turns out. – Magellan Oct 8 '12 at 2:24

It's possible, depending on the version of KVM and CentOS you're using and the filesystem under it. Older versions of KVM had a limit of 2TB, and it took a while to "catch up" after the adoption of GPT volumes.

CentOS 5 ext3supports up to 16 TB volumes, so as long as you have reasonably recent version of CentOS, a modern file system and the version of KVM you're running is less than a few years old, you should be fine.

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