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My default VM images for CentOS 6 are always installed with the most minimal set of packages. When I need a machine with a graphical install, I upgrade with yum groupinstall Desktop. I've noticed that this installation produces bad fonts in gnome-terminal, until I install the Arabic Language support, per the CentOS open bug:

yum groupinstall "Arabic Support"

... this rather comically fixes it mid-package install in the open terminal, and I can add Arabic Support if I really need to (or figure out which package is needed).

Any ideas on how to do this without installing Arabic Support?

I thought this might have been a VMware thing, but it happens on bare-metal kickstarts I'm doing as well. I'm also making the assumption that this is a byproduct of not installing a graphical desktop package group from the initial install (and I'm guessing this is why the CentOS bug is still open).

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The package you need to install is dejavu-sans-mono-fonts. This is the default monospace font used by GNOME and KDE. You may also wish to install the variable width DejaVu fonts as well. Those are in the dejavu-sans-fonts package.

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Great answer - thanks. I always run headless w/CentOS, so I had never noticed this before! – lunistorvalds Oct 6 '12 at 14:02

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