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I have a windows 8 machine running an XP virtual machine with Hyper-V. The virtual machine uses an 'external' virtual switch, and after 'Integration Services Setup', it can see the internet ok. My machine is on a static IP address ( and I can ping that IP address from the virtual machine. I host a website on my Windows 8 machine with IIS8 at localhost:57868, however even with the XP and Windows 8 firewalls off I cannot connect to from the virtual machine.

Any ideas? Should this be possible with this setup? How should I go about fixing this?

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Not to ask silly questions, but have you turned off all the windows software based firewalls? – Anthony Horne Jul 2 '15 at 20:56

The problem is likely IIS running on the Virtual Machine.
Did you: Reset IIS Check to make sure that the web server is configured to respond on port 57868? If you are not sure, try hitting If you have success, then check your port bindings

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