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I have a sort of a legacy JEE 5 application running on JBoss 4, using EJB 2.1 and tapesty 4 and the JVM is 1.5_09.

A few months ago the hard disk of the server had to be replaced after that was done we obviously had to re-install everything. Ever since then users report problems like the system being too slow,white pages and missing data.

Using top we see that cpu goes over 100% (we have a intel xeon e5405). So to keep the client's business going we do a server restart but every time we restart the server there is a huge chance that something will go wrong like missing data or an error page.

I've checked the logs during the server start up many times and didn't see any error statements.So for the moment I'm ruling out that it has something to do with the codes and besides nothing was added to the application during the re-installation.

Would migrating to newer JVM, application server and OS solve the issue?

Anybody had a similar experience ?

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