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On ubuntu I would like to know which files that will be installed when running sudo aptitude install ruby-rvm.

So first I do sudo aptitude download ruby-rvm. Now I can do aptitude show ruby-rvm, but how can I get the list of files that will be installed during a sudo aptitude install ruby-rvm? something like dpkg -L ruby-rvm if I had installed it, I just want to know it before I install it.

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I am not sure if aptitude can do such a thing. But you can use:

apt-file show package_name

It will show all files which this package will install. If you would like to list all files which package contains, you can do it like this:

apt-file list package_name

It will list all the files located inside a package.

If you do not have installed apt-file then use:

apt-get install apt-file

and update the cache (it will take some time) by:

apt-file update

You can also to which package specific file belongs:

apt-file search file_name

You can also list files in a package on this website List files in package Or you can use dpkg -L package_name (but as you mentioned, it is working on already installed packages) as mentioned by @topdog.

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aptitude does not have the ability to show the files installed per package, use dpkg -L for that

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dpkg -L requires the package to be installed. I was aksing for a solution prior to installing the package. – Jarl Sep 21 '12 at 14:03

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