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I'm trying to setup an OpenVPN server but I'm stuck with routing problem...

This my network configuration:

Client(<->Router+Firewall<->OVPN Srv(WAN:<->Subnet A AND Subnet B

I can connect to the server and get an IP but I can't access to servers on both subnets. I made sure that the OpenVPN can ping, wget etc to servers in Subnet A and B.

Here is my server configuration:

port 1194
proto tcp
dev tun
ca ca.crt
cert server.crt
key server.key  # This file should be kept secret
dh dh1024.pem
ifconfig-pool-persist ipp.txt
push "route"
push "route"


keepalive 10 120
max-clients 20
user nobody
group nogroup
status openvpn-status-tcp.log
log-append /var/log/openvpn-tcp.log
verb 5

My server route table:

Kernel IP routing table
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface     *      UH    0      0        0 tun0 UG    0      0        0 tun0  *      U     0      0        0 eth0   UG    0      0        0 tun0
default         UG    0      0        0 eth0

When I do

cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

So I guess ip_forward is activated...

I see that OpenVPN receives traffic from the tunnel but doesn't forward it...

**root@vpn:/etc/openvpn# tcpdump -i tun0
tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode
listening on tun0, link-type RAW (Raw IP), capture size 65535 bytes
15:24:42.913610 IP > : ICMP echo request, id 1, seq 729,   length 40
15:24:47.743495 IP > ICMP echo request, id 1, seq 730, length 40

But I got no response in my client :-(

I'm not using iptables or any firewall on my server...

Does anyone have an idea?

Thank you very much for your help


Config : Debian 6.0.5, openvpn from apt

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