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I am new to configuring routers. We have purchased a RV016 Cisco business router that has multiwan capability. What we are attempting to do is take map services from 3 different servers and assign 3 different static IP addresses and then forward port 80 through the router. A short term solution to building a proxy server. Is this possible?

Right now we have a consumer grade Cisco router and assign a static IP and it works, we attempted the same settings on the business router and cannot get to the internet. We set it DHCP and it works fine, however we want to to forward the static ports not use DHCP.

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You have to troubleshoot. When you cannot get Internet, how far do you get? What goes wrong? What's the first thing that doesn't work? Can you ping the router? Where do traceroutes stop? –  David Schwartz Sep 23 '12 at 7:12
A common issue when a port forward fails is that your server you are forwarding to does not have the NAT device set as its gateway - check that it does, especially as you say you have two routers, and it works when you set dhcp –  Tom Newton Sep 30 '12 at 11:22

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