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I'm having some troubles with one of my servers. I've done an application with two servers, one the frontend that grabs the data of server API (Ubuntu server).

Well, yesterday had a lot of visits and the API server stop functioning but:

-I can do stuff in MySQL by SSH.

-The memory usage is ok.

-The logs are ok.

-The bandwitch usage is ok.

-If i restart the server or Apache2, function by some time (3-4 minutes).

And the most important i think if i tries to access to API (Is rest-style with http) it puts me the Firefox error "The connection has been reset".

I'd tried:

-Restart the server

-Restart Apache2

-Restart MySQL

-Viewed the logs of Apache2/MySQL

I don't know too much about systems so i don't know what to do more.

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Among other things, it might be useful to know how your API is written - it seems likely to be PHP, but you don't say so. Are you using a framework (e.g. CakePHP)? More details would be helpful. – pjmorse Oct 6 '12 at 10:43
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Conection-resets for HTTP connections like you're doing are usually the result of the web-server hanging up or outright refusing to connect. There are a couple of possible causes of this:

  • The web-server is not listening on the port you think it is.
  • The Front-end is trying to talk to the API server on a port you're not expecting.
  • The web-server didn't actually start
    • You can verify this through netstat -an and looking for a listening service on the port you're expecting.
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