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I'm kind of a n00b with BE, so forgive me if this should be obvious.

With other backup systems in the past, we have had a general policy of excluding any folder named DoNotBackup. This provides a convenient means of omitting large and/or temporary files.

I was hoping to exclude these folders from my BE backups by setting a global exlusion, thus:

Resource name: \\*\*
Path: **\DoNotBackup
Name: *.*
Apply to subdirectories: yes

However, this appears not to work. At first, I thought we had something wrong with the resource/path syntax, but then I spotted this in the documentation:

You can configure Backup Exec to exclude certain files, or certain types of files, from backups. Exclusions can be added to incremental and differential backup jobs, but not full backup jobs.

Is it really true that I can't tell BE to globally exclude by name in full backups? Of course I could explicitly unselect these folders in the individual jobs, but the idea is to be able to create these folders on an ad hoc basis. Perhaps there's some other mechanism for doing this that's not obvious to someone without a lot of experience? (tbh, I find the BE interface almost—but not quite—as frustrating as Symantec's phone support.)

BE 2012 (Version 14.0)

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