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I can't seem to make Apache 2.4 compile straight from source the way I want it to. It insists on including a whole bunch of shared modules I do my best not to, all the while ignoring those I request to be compiled statically..

Here's my command:

./configure --enable-pie --prefix [dir] --enable-modules="unixd" --enable-mods-shared=none --with-included-apr

It seems to me --enable-mods-shared=none isn't a valid parameter, but it's the only thing I've found that seems close to explicitly disabling mod_so (which shouldn't even be needed).

I guess it's something quite evident, but I just fail miserably to sort it out.

Edit: Now wait a minute... what's that 2.2 in the configure doc url..

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So that was it:

  • configure changed a bit between 2.2 and 2.4 (it's --enable-mods-static now)
  • apachectl -M just dumps what it parses from httpd.conf, instead of my custom config. That's logical, but I thought apachectl did something a little more advanced that just that
  • enable-mods-shared=none is accepted and valid after all
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