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I read a post here on serverfault detaling a procedure to re-route gateway traffic to a fake gateway to prevent ISP IP leakage if VPN dropps.

My questions to adapt this prcedure to my specific needs are:

1) If I have a hardware router and removing the default gateway from manually set ipv4 properties for me results in my OpenVPN GUI client not being abel to intitiate the connection to the VPN provider. The *.ovpn connection sript it uses use domain names which wont resolve as it cant locate any DNS service when the default gateway has been removed. If I instead replace the domain names with their resolved IP s in the connection script, the script just halts at the first VPN gateway IP it tries to connect to, telling me it s waiting for something.

2) How should I configure the routing tabel to allow for local access to SMB resources on this machine when it at the same time is connected to the VPN service? The VPN service is NOT inteded to be used for LAN access from internet, the local resources on the machine with the VPN connection is ONLY meant to be access from the local subnet by other local clients (home network).

3) I also use VNC from the local subnet, as well as from the outside, coming in over the VPN IP received from the VPN service provider. What modifications to the routing tabel do I need to make to still be able to do that?

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