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I need one command line to run at startup. I've tested the command (it re-assosiates an Amazon IP to a Linux Server) and the command run successfully.

Just need to know the best method to execute this on server reboot? The server is RedHat and I've read a bit about /etc/init.d but still unsure.

command is:

ec2-associate-address -v -i i-xxx --region ap-southeast-1 -O key -W secret
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possible duplicate of Running Script on EC2 Boot – EEAA Sep 25 '12 at 21:26
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Make sure the script file has exectable flag

  chmod +x

I would recommend putting it in /etc/rc.local. Also, make sure there is a


at the end of the line of the script so that it runs in the background and doesn't stop other things from running.

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