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Is there a way to view queue length on listening socket under linux, the same way as netstat -L outputs for freebsd? I.e. you can see X/Y/Z in netstat -L output, but netstat under linux doesn't support -L flag.

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ss -l shows the correct Recv-Q Send-Q.

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awk can help:

netstat -ntp | awk '{ if ($6 == "ESTABLISHED" && $7 == "-") arrQueue[$4] += 1; } END { for (service in arrQueue) print service" "arrQueue[service] }'

Source: http://mysyslog.ru/posts/633

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Thanks for the answer. Actually ss -l shows the correct Recv-Q Send-Q, so its faster to do it not with awk. –  Artem G Sep 27 '12 at 22:34

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