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I'm just wondering whether monit has an API, which we could poll-regularly (perhaps something that is http-based) ?

It would be very useful to create an integrated monitoring solution across multiple servers. Or perhaps there is no other option other than m/monit?

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What is your final purpose? How about this – quanta Sep 26 '12 at 7:20
I'm looking for open-source alternatives other than m/monit.. – giosakti Sep 26 '12 at 10:43
You really need to give a bit more detail about what exactly you want to monitor and how, since there are a LOT of server monitoring tools out there besides Monit. If you have looked over a few of these and none of them meet your needs then you must be doing something unusual, and need to say so. – dunxd Oct 5 '12 at 23:20

This is old, I know, but monit has a basic API, found at


There also appears to be a JSON format as well (change format to json from XML). You can parse the XML for everything you need (I've done it in python easily). However, I can't seem to find any documentation on this, so you have to discover what you can.

Some of the m/monit documentation details some of the monit codes, so you should get some help from there.

You can also check out monittr

That is a ruby implementation of monitoring multiple monit instances.

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How did you get JSON format? I'm running latest official build 5.16 and it looks like there only plaintext status and XML status are available and no JSON. – timurb Feb 20 at 11:21
Hmm, it works on my version (5.9) with this url: SERVERIP:2812/_status?format=json I assume it may have been removed in the later versions? – deranjer Feb 20 at 17:17
Update: I've checked all my hosts, and the latest monit version I have running is 5.14, and JSON works on that. – deranjer Feb 20 at 17:25
Could you be running custom patched version? Or are you referring to M/Monit? I've found a ticket in Monit bugtracker with such feature request but it's dated back to only few months ago and is unresolved:… – timurb Feb 22 at 19:04
The monit version running on my openmediavault server might be patched, but my debian/ubuntu monit's are running direct from the default repos. Also, not referring to M/Monit. – deranjer Feb 23 at 1:09

FWIW, I know this thread is old but as I didn't find any satisfactory answer to this question myself I wrote this


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Link-only answers are considered to be sub-par on SF. Please provide content here and then link elsewhere for more details if necessary. – EEAA Mar 16 at 20:55

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