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We have multi-site wordpress containing more then 50 blogs/sub-site.

Our base URL to wordpress site is www.example.com/base-site/ and we have other sub-sites in it like www.example.com/base-site/site1 site2 ... etc.

Now My question is to redirect the main-site to one of the subsites but a simple redirect 301 is not working. I tried some solutions of mod-rewrite but its not working either for this main-site to redirect to sub-site.

A solution is required to Redirect




Solution used so far but not working for me solution1 solution2

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I found a solution here If someone want to redirect the main wordpress site to its sub-site, just create the redirect.php file in the wp-content/plugins/ directory and put the code mentioned in the post, replace the url with your own and name of the main site in the IF condition.

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