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I have a VPS on which I installed VMware Workstation version 9. Now I have 3 valid IPs:

  • XXX.152.193.66
  • XXX.152.193.101
  • XXX.152.193.103

Gateway: XXX.152.193.65

Now two IPs are set on the host and I want to have 1 IP set on the VM. The VM network is set to ridged and the IP is set on the VM but this IP from out of internal network not ping and in VM not ping to gateway.

What can I do to solve this problem?

My IP is unassigned and only set on VM and uses bridged network mode. And gateway, mask, and DNS are set. But no ping.

I set this IP on the host and it worked without problems, But I do not know why it doesn't work on the VM.

My host OS is Windows Server 2003. The firewall is off and RRAs (routing and remote access) for VPN service is Enable.

Do not host or virtual machines create an IP route?

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You mention a VPN at the end, so I'm assuming that you might have multiple network interfaces on the server. I've run into a similar problem where VMware Workstation wouldn't bridge the interfaces unless I chose a specific interface. VMware Workstation comes with a program called Virtual Network Manager. Run it, select your bridged VMNet interface, then adjust the "Bridged To" drop down to use a specific host interface.

Here's a screenshot of the Virtual Network Manager in Workstation 7. I've outlined the areas in red that you need to look at.

enter image description here

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thank you.but my config as is you said it and likewise not ping from vm to gateway and not ping out of internal network to this vm,but ping from host to vm without problem. –  Shahin At Sep 27 '12 at 6:41

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