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I am trying to configure postfix to disable TLS for a specific remote smtp server that serves for multiple recipient domains.

I have set up a policy map that already contains some entries for specific recipient domains that work fine. But ist there a way to configure postfix to disable TLS for a remote smtp server regardless of what domains are hosted there?

I have tried quite a few entries in my TLS policy map file but without any success. I tried:

  • none
  • [] none
  • none
  • []:25 none
  • none
  • [] none
  • none
  • []:25 none

btw: yes, I postmapped the modified policy file :)

Still postfix tries to relay to that host using a TLS connection. As soon as I configure a specific recipient domain delivered via this mx, things work fine and no TLS connection is established. But since there are hundreds of recipient domains on the remote host, I cannot configure all of them in my policy :)

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Best regards

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As documented in, a hostname or IP enclosed in square brackets is not resolved to an MX; it is assumed to be the MX.

Please provide postmap -q output for this map, and log entries that show what goes wrong.

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Yes, that's what I was thinking about. I entered the hostnames and IP-addresses of the remote MX in my tls policy file, enclosed in sqare brackets, with and without trailing port number. – Chris S. Sep 27 '12 at 13:27
postmap -q [] <tls_policy_file> returns "none" as it is configured in the policy. But anyway postfix logs say (partial, not enough characters :): setting up TLS connection to[]:25 Trusted TLS connection established to[]:25: TLSv1 (...) status=deferred (lost connection with[] while performing the HELO handshake) When I set up a tls policy for the recipient domain (that is served on that host), then no TLS connection is established. – Chris S. Sep 27 '12 at 13:47
WHat happens when you use the IP literal ? – adaptr Sep 28 '12 at 14:09

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