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Is it possible to change freeswitch user password on hot? I mean I have freeswitch running and wish to change 1000's password from 1234 to something else without restarting freeswitch?

I an changing conf/directory/default/1000.xml now and then issuing xmlreload command.

This causes new users unable to log in, but old connected users seem to stay logged in.

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Yes, you can change a user's directory entry without restarting FreeSWITCH. After you edit the 1000.xml file, save it, then go to fs_cli and press F6 or issue the command: reloadxml. At that point, all future auth challenges will require the new password. If you have old registrations that you want to clear out just use the sofia command:

sofia profile internal flush_inbound_reg

Then force your SIP device to re-register.

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