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I am able to establish IPSEC connection between one client per server. Actually I can connect multi Ipsec server at the same time. But I have realized that when servers have same xl2tpd.conf file like following

 ipsec saref = yes
 listen-addr =

 [lns default]
 ip range =
 local ip =
 ;require chap = yes
 refuse chap = yes
 refuse pap = yes
 require authentication = yes
 ppp debug = yes
 pppoptfile = /etc/ppp/options.xl2tpd
 length bit = yes

Server 1 can be reachable via ip address however Server 2 can be reachable via different one assigned randomly say 162.xx.xx.xx though in xl2tpd.conf->local ip is set Actually I am not expecting to reach diffent machines with same ip address. But how can I make server unique by modifiying the xl2tpd.conf files of all servers.

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settting "local ip" per server with different ip address solves the issue.

;server 1 ; local ip = ;server 2 ; local ip = ;server 3 ;local ip =

Be sure that ip range = does not cover servers' "local ip".

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