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I am running nginx on Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64) as a windows service. I am using Windows Service Wrapper for that. (Actually, I have followed this tutorial:

The service is running ok. However, the server does not process the signals (e.g. stop / reload).

This means if I stop the service, nginx is not stopped. (I have to kill it.)

And when I want to reload the configuration from command line:

C:\Users\Administrator>E:\apath\nginx\nginx.exe -p E:\apath\nginx -c E:\apath\nginx.conf -s reload

It outputs:

nginx: [error] OpenEvent("Global\ngx_reload_4268") failed (5: Access is denied)

I am running the command as administrator and the service is running under NETWORK SERVICE user.

Any hints or similar issues?

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A couple things to try:

  1. Why run in the NETWORK SERVICE account? Try with the default for all services, LocalSystem.

  2. Follow this tutorial to try another wrapper, AlwaysUp. If it works then you may be facing a problem with Windows Service Wrapper.

Please report what you find.

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I run my nginx-service under LOCAL SYSTEM and I use following xml configuration:


I'm using Windows Service Wrapper 1.18 and this configuration works for me. Nginx processes should be stopped gracefully now. Good luck.

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