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I try to connect remotly to the KVM (console) of an Hyper-V Virtual Machine using vmconnect.exe but I'm dealing with some kind of a problem :

When I connect from a computer within the same AD of my Hyper-V Host, everything work fine but when I try to connect from a computer not within the same AD, wmconnect say that my RCP services is not running on the host

The problem is that it doesn't ask me for any credentials and so, i can't authenticate in the AD

Does someone have any clues ?

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Why are you using the Hyper-V vmconnect.exe program instead of the traditional MSTSC.exe program across servers? – Brent Pabst Oct 17 '12 at 21:08

When you are not in a domain (or on a different domain the same applies afaik), you still need to connect by name, and it must be a simple name, not a fqdn.

In practice this probably means editing the hosts file on both the client and the server.


In your case you may be able to achieve the same thing by establishing a trust relationship between the domains.

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