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I'm trying to restore an asterisk directory from an old tape.

In bacula, I unmount the current tape, take it out, stick the old tape in, mount LTO-2 and it gives this: 3001 Device "LTO-2" (/dev/nst0) is mounted with Volume "Default-3"

So it's already mounted. Now I restore by typing "restore", choose option 11 for restoring a directory, type in the job ID, then the directory, and it gives me this error:

No database record found for: /var/spool/asterisk/

Now I know what the error means, but what could cause that? Because I'm restoring from a full backup job, meaning the directory SHOULD be there.


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Did you actually check if the directory is indeed in the catalogue? In bconsole try something like list files jobid=xxxx and examine the output. If it's not there you may want to look into bscan in order to update the catalogue with the contents of that tape.

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