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I would like to give a potential developer temporary access to some of my projects. I have almost everything in its own subdomain, and each directory is a sibling to my public_html directory. It looks something like: ("developer" is the cPanel account name.)

developer/ *This is the top level directory for the cPanel account. "/home/developer"
            site1/ *site1.mysite.com
            site2/ *site2.mysite.com
            site3/ *site3.mysite.com
            public_html/ *www.mysite.com
            ... etc

I created a directory inside public_html called tempdev and I added symbolic links to each of the sibling directories listed above.

My understanding of cPanel is that I can only assign one user with "Special FTP Access" per domain. I really dont want to give a complete stranger my login creds, (its just a development environment but still). So I used the cPanel FTP account creator UI. It will not allow me to assign the user access to the directories outside of public_html. I cant even give access to public_html either. So I made the tempdev directory in www and created the symlinks. Using the new account, I can see the symlinks, but I can go into them. Is there a better way to accomplish what I am attempting?

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For this purpose you can create ftp account with cpanel and create link in public_html with any other name.

Like if you will create ftptest user and its default home dir will "/home/usernsme/public_html/ftptest" and you can create a link in public_html with other name as below:

cd /home/usernsme/public_html/

ln -s ftptest/ test

change ownership (if its root) to usernane of your domain now you can login to test and can see ftptest's content.

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