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I am using Juniper in my company. I have a 64 bit Ubuntu 12.04 laptop. I can ssh to remote servers, and do everything well. My problem is : whenever I scp something to the remote server, Juniper disconnect me from the VPN so that I am disconnected from the servers. Do anyone has that problem before ? Can you help me fix it. Thank you very much,

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This is an old thread so probably no use to the OP, however, we had a similar problem caused by the private IP address range on each end of the VPN being the same. In our case the client was in the range. The client would be fine connecting to hosts in most network ranges, but any request to a server in our DMZ on would cause issues. Changing the home router range to another (we suggested solved the issue. This was using Checkpoint VPN not Juniper, but the symptoms seem similar.

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