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I have some SIP phones on one network that go through an IPIP tunnel to get to the server.

I've setup QOS rules to watch for appropriate VOIP traffic as follows:

class-map match-any class-voice
  description Voice
  match  dscp af11
  match  dscp cs4 
  match  dscp cs3 
policy-map qos-out
  class class-voice
   priority 100
interface Tunnel1
 description Tunnel to VOIP Server
 ip address
 tunnel source FastEthernet0/1
 tunnel destination
 tunnel mode ipip
interface FastEthernet0/1
 description Internet
 bandwidth 1000
 ip address dhcp
 service-policy output qos-out

My trouble is that the class-map isn't getting matched because I can't assign the policy to the Tunnel1, only FastEthernet0/1.

Surely there must be something to make this work... what should I do?

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