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Lets say I have a site with unmetered 100MBPS bandwidth (i assume its bits?) and the ram i require. Most plans i see offer HDD that hold 250gb and 1TB. But what happens if i compile/generate enough data that i require 10tb or 25tb? (I'd likely have two servers but...) I wouldn't be serving all of that data (well not to the public) so CDN wouldn't make sense.

What do i do in this scenario? Do I need to get a custom plan from a hosting provider? (if so how do i find them?) Are there services that allow me to mount remote drives (that sounds wrong unless its a CDN so maybe not). Are there host that deals specifically with unmetered bandwidth and provides lots of disk space? Math says ~1TB is the most i'll ever need but if i happen to need more i'd like to know my options.

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I'd suggest hiring some professionals. This is what consultants are for. – Magellan Sep 30 '12 at 3:57
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You are essentially asking us how to comparison shop. Simple: You determine your requirements and then ask hosting providers for prices on their services that meet your requirements. Compare the results, then choose one. Given that amount of storage, it would be less expensive for you to co-locate your a server that is configured with enough storage. The providers may offer that as an option, but you will have to shop around to find out. That's not something that we will be able to help you with.

Edit in response to @acidzombie24's comment:

Yes, it's uncommon for most companies to need that much storage on a hosting plan. That doesn't mean the provider can't offer it. You'd have to contact their sales team and see if they will give you a quote on your required configuration. Many will, so assume that all hosting providers will give you a quote. It will also help to know how you are using that data so they can provide an accurate quote. I.e., will you need very fast access to this data, or will it be okay to put it on slower disks? You'll pay more for the former. Do you expect them to maintain backups of the data? That's another cost. You'll have to factor all of that in.

If you are being provided a virtual or physical machine, it may be cheaper to co-locate your own hardware at a datacenter. If you are already administrating the machine you'd just be adding hardware and maintenance/replacement costs. Many datacenters lease full or partial cabinets and will provide you with power and a network connection (metered or unmetered). For example, you might determine that you need a half rack cabinet with 20A of power and 100 Mbps network connection. Shop that around and see what quotes you get.

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So your suggesting it isnt standard to need that much and i MUST co-locate or contact hosting providers? +1 – acidzombie24 Sep 30 '12 at 0:22

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