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I have a VPS running Centos 5.8 and Webmin. It came with 2 IP numbers.

I need to create a domain name and name servers.

My domain registrar needs a name server (eg: ns1.domain.com.) to created a domain name. And webmin demands a domain name to create the name servers from? catch 22?

I understand what a name server does. But how to create the one without the other? What am I not understanding here.

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Why do you want to host your own name servers ? Given your current understanding you are very much better off using a registrars name servers. Note the plural, your primary and secondary name servers should be on different machines.

Most registrars allow you to register a domain name and then have an easy to use web interface for configuring their name servers to point DNS records to your IP address.

If you really want to host your own name servers then you have to provide the IP addresses of your name servers to the registrar so that they can configure glue records for the domain.

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Hi. Thanks for your reply. i have just resolved the issue. the present DNS had to make a RDNS entry pointing to my 2 DNS created in my zone on Webmin. then my countries registrar could register the domain name. in my country we dont have the user friendly registrar for making changers or registering. hence my decision to NS my self. –  Brian Smith Oct 10 '12 at 13:25

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