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I recently took my WSUS server offline. In the mean time I want the clients to update from the internet until I get WSUS up again.

However, Windows Updates is tring to contact the old server and (obviously) failing to get new updates.

  • I have updated the WSUS GPO to disabled.
  • Checked DNS is resolving.
  • Deleted WSUS GPOs.
  • GPRESULT reports that policy is not being applied
  • Run GPUPDATE /force
  • No issues reported from DCDIAG

I delete the registry keys HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate

But the keys return after a reboot.

What else can I try ?

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Run rsop.msc to see which policies are still being applied.

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Argh! I want to kick myself. I had run this before but I wasn't thorough enough. I did find another gpo that also had wsus settings baked in. I had no idea this gpo even existed. I modifed the troublesome GPO. Thanks for the help! – Jake Oct 1 '12 at 12:45

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