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My colleague and I have set up and run Jenkins on a KVM guest running Ubuntu 12.04 with good results for a while now. We are thinking about deploying a cluster of Jenkins CI hosts in master/slave configuration, with the libvirt slave plugin to keep our hardware count low.

Our environment is strictly Linux (CentOS, Scientific Linux, Fedora, and Ubuntu). Both of us are competent in setting up large clusters. We typically use tools like cobbler + a configuration management tool (Puppet, Chef, and alike) to set up a large number of machines (physical and/or virtual) hands off (hundreds of nodes in less than an hour typical). We would like to do the same for nodes running Jenkins. But the step by step guide doesn't give us any clues in this regard.

I did see a Multi-slave config plugin. But, being used to dealing with hundreds or more machines completely hands-off, clicking the UI for many machines just doesn't feel right. Can someone point to us a reference that talks about how to set up large cluster of Jenkins CI hosts more in the hands-off way?

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I have had a fruitful exchange with a fellow Jenkins user in jenkins-users mailing list. Please see it for more current details.

-- Zack

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