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I've read through the documentation provided at to establish the DRBD meta size, but I'm struggling to correlate that to actual disk sizes and file system sizes.

Is there a way that I can retrieve the file system size in sectors (along with the block device), to get the right value for the meta data.

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We use a script in-house for calculating DRBD meta sizes for LVM partitions.

This is a script that just takes the block device as an argument.

Eg. /dev/vg1/root

This is the contents of the script ... (it also happens to give the command to resize the file system on the DRBD disk too).


which bc >/dev/null 2>&1
if [ ! $? -eq 0 ]; then
    echo "Error: bc is not installed"
    exit 1

if [ $# -lt 1 ]; then
    echo "Error: Please supply block device path"
    echo "Eg. /dev/vg1/backups"
    exit 1


SECTOR_SIZE=$( blockdev --getss $DEVICE )
SECTORS=$( blockdev --getsz $DEVICE )
MD_SIZE=$( echo "((($SECTORS + (2^18)-1) / 262144 * 8) + 72)" | bc )
FS_SIZE=$( echo "$SECTORS - $MD_SIZE" | bc )

MD_SIZE_MB=$( echo "($MD_SIZE / 4 / $SECTOR_SIZE) + 1" | bc )
FS_SIZE_MB=$( echo "($FS_SIZE / 4 / $SECTOR_SIZE)" | bc )

echo "Filesystem: $FS_SIZE_MB MiB"
echo "Filesystem: $FS_SIZE Sectors"
echo "Meta Data:  $MD_SIZE_MB MiB"
echo "Meta Data:  $MD_SIZE Sectors"
echo "--"
echo "Resize commands: resize2fs -p "$DEVICE $FS_SIZE_MB"M; drbdadm create-md res"

The only prerequisite is that bc is installed

  1. Centos - yum install bc
  2. Debian/Ubuntu - apt-get install bc
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