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I am developing a Yii web application. In order to be ready for growth I figured I would give a try to Amazon AWS. I've never used their services. My question is what is the typical setup I would need for my application? It seems they have a lot of different services that work together. Which pieces of AWS do I need? How do they connect together?

I will need to run PHP (with Yii). I use MySQL (probably need a cloud version?), some file storage, multiple domain names linked to my app. I want to easily grow my ressources as my service becomes popular.

I assume its a pretty standard setup...

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you didn't provide enough information, but Amazon AWS is easily salable so you can go from little and grow your resources as needed. – alexus Oct 2 '12 at 19:23

Your assumption is wrong, it is not a standard setup. The bits you already know, database, domains, files, but the exact details of how they're set up is widely divergent or not significantly affected by the AWS environment.

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Agreed. AWS is not a magic bullet. Rather, they give you a bunch of tools that you will need to piece together in a way that is very specific to your application. Just because you can scale to 10k servers with a single command on EC2 doesn't mean that they do the work of making your application deal with that gracefully - that task is left to you. – EEAA Oct 2 '12 at 21:14

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