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I have a Virtual Private Server where all my products' git repositories are. The problem is that while I fetch from it, the VPS dies out of memory. So I have to limit the memory usage. I know how to do that for each client's .git/config (pack.windowMemory, pack.packSizeLimit).

Is there a way to set the limit on the server and globally for all git repositories on the server?



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You could do it by user by using the built in limits.conf. You could add all the Git users to an arbitrary group then limit the memory for that group.

But I'm not really condoning this, as if it needs memory - it needs memory. I would just imagine the Git process would terminate early as its out-of-memory - saving the VPS from crashing, but not really achieving anything.

A way to do it ...

Eg. Your Git group is called gitgroup and you've got 3 existing users, bob, jane and tim

Create the group gitgroup

groupadd gitgroup

Then add the users to that group

usermod -a -G gitgroup bob
usermod -a -G gitgroup jane
usermod -a -G gitgroup tim

Now in /etc/security/limits.conf

#groupname  type  item  limit
@gitgroup   hard  rss   512000

This will limit that group (thus any user in it) to a hard memory limit of 512000KB. This may have other side effects too on other running processes owned by those users.

It may be more preferable just to add a memory limit to the particular users shell when they log in.

You could do this by add this to the user's respective .bash_profile

ulimit -v 512000

The solution ...

You need more RAM. If you are trying to do something and run out of memory in the process - then either don't do what your doing, or add more memory. Clearly your hardware is insufficient for what your trying to do.

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What appends if the limits.conf value is reached and the server process still need ram ? Does the request fails ? – user2284570 Oct 24 '15 at 23:08

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