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Hi I have a snap server 110 the machine powers on ok and the healthcheck passes but unable to connect no responce on the assigned ip or any ability to reach the device via the snap server manager.

Believe the device is powering on but not loading the OS.

Tried pulling the disk running and hooking up to a windows PC via USB, and using disk internals linux reader I am unable to access two of the partitions. ( one of which is the large data partition).

There are three partitions on the the drice only one is accessible via Linux reader.

I am looking to recover the data of the drive can anyone suggest a DIY option please?

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The tool I use for data recovery off of drives like this is UFSExplorer. This shouldn't have any problem piecing together what was on the Snap server, provided the disks are still healthy.

It's commercial software, but works wonderfully and can be downloaded quickly. Please make sure you have good/healthy drives to recover to.

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