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I want to configure reporting server on sql server 2008.I m using Windows 7 Operating System . I configure reporting manager using Reporting Services Configuration Manager and provide Service Account , Web Service Url, Execution Account and Report Manager Url setting .

But When i click on link of Report Server Web Service Url (http://udham-pc/TestReportServer), it ask for credentials I provide OS user credentials. Then it opens page with following error

The permissions granted to user 'udham-PC\udham' are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied) Get Online Help

And when I click the Report Manager URl(http://udham-pc/TestReports) , then it redirects to http://udham-pc/TestReports/Pages/Folder.aspx. But the page Opened is Only Having Header(On left side

SQL Server Reporting Services

and on right side of header three links

Home | My Subscriptions | Help

) no content on page.

I think i am missing some configuration. Please let me know. With prior thanks

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The report server by default does not have any reports. What you are seeing is the listing of the files on the server, in this case there are none.

However, the other issue you may be having is that you have not setup your user account to have full admin rights on the server. This link is related to TFS integration but you can simply swap out the application-tier with your report server name. Remember you need to do this from the report server the first time, using administrator credentials.

Other than that everything appears to be working properly.

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