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i'm trying to figure out why my apache2 reverse proxy doesn't work... hope someone can clarify.

i'm using an apache server as a gateway with proxy pass: is the IP. these are PP instructions i inserted in the 000-default config file.

ProxyPass /

ProxyPassReverse /

the host is an internal IP of a subnet wich is not reachable directly by clients, but only by the apache gateway.

when i try to access such a address: http://apache_gateway_name/dir i see the client trying to reach address and of course timeout occurs.

can someone help? Best regards

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It sounds like the ProxyPassReverse isn't matching a 301/302 being returned from the remote Apache server (, some client-side code is redirecting the browser incorrectly or some server-side code is incorrectly building the redirect location.

  1. Check client side activity using Chrome's dev tool/Firebug/Wireshark. Find out whether the server is issueing a 301/302 or being driving by javascript.
  2. Try removing the trailing slash from ProxyPass* directives
  3. Run tcpdump/wireshark on and see what headers are being returned. Pay particular attention to the "Location" header in the response and "Host" header in the request.
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